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  • World Book Day - Thursday 5 March - Dr Sophia Hillan - ‘Reading into Writing',

If you did not hear the reading of Sophia Hillan's on Friday 27 February 2015 on BBC Radio 4 at 3.45pm, you may take time to listen on the BBC Iplayer by using this link: programmes/b053c3pl

Sophia's work was part of the 'Sitters' Stories' and referred to the painting of Elizabeth Bridges Austen, a sister-in-law of Jane Austen. It was read by the actress Laura Carmichael.

Come along to City Chapter's event on Thursday 5 March 2015 at 7.30pm when Sophia Hillan will read from her work, thereby helping us in Armagh to celebrate World Book Day!  We hope that you will join us.

World Book Day - Thursday 5 March

The City Chapter, the partnership of libraries in Armagh, will host an evening event to promote the spoken and written word, and celebrate World Book Day, on Thursday 5 March 2015 at 7.30pm in Armagh Public Library, Abbey Street.

The speaker will be Dr Sophia Hillan whose talk, entitled ‘Reading into Writing', will include readings from her own work. Formerly Assistant Director of Queen's University's Institute of Irish Studies, Sophia has returned to her first love - fiction. Her first novel, ‘The Friday Tree', set in Belfast in 1955, was published in 2014 by Ward River Press, Dublin and her new novel, ‘The Way We Danced', will be published by the same press later this year.

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